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Disk Space   20 GB   40 GB   60 GB   80 GB  
Bandwidth   250 GB   500 GB   750 GB   1000 GB  
CPU   1 Core   1 Core   2 Cores   2 Cores  
RAM   1024 MB   2048 MB   3072 MB   4096 MB  
Managed VPS Service   Self-Managed   Available   Available   Available  
cPanel Licence   No   £6.00 / month   £6.00 / month   £6.00 / month  
FREE Blesta Licence   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
  Payment options
Pay monthly   £9.95/mo   £19.95/mo   £29.95/mo   £39.95/mo  
30-day, no questions asked moneyback guarantee   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes  
Support to Suit You

Support to Suit You

We offer extended server management upon request. You can order base management package as low as £35.00/month to get premium quality assistance from our technical team. With managed support, we look after the day to day running of your Virtual Private Server as well as monitoring and securing it against potential threats. This includes additional software setup and configuration. You can review extended Server / VPS management options here.

Fully featured Virtual Private Servers

Fully featured Virtual Private Servers

Full root access, just like a dedicated server
Fully customizable – install and configure software of your choosing and optimize as you need
Create and configure your own hosting plans, reseller hosting plans and much more when using WebHostManager (requires cPanel licence)
Setup is free and fast

Mission Critical Infrastructure

Mission Critical Infrastructure

We use Supermicro and Dell enterprise-grade hardware nodes that all of our VPS hosts are based on. These feature 8-16 CPUs, 24GB DDR3 ECC RAM and 4-8 hard drives in RAID 10. The result is blisteringly fast performance on all of our Virtual Private Servers.

We do not overload our VPS nodes.

You choose the Operating System

You choose the Operating System

We offer a range of Operating Systems to meet different requirements. We offer CentOS, FreeBSD, Fedora, Ubuntu, Gentoo and OpenSUSE. Windows will be available in the near future as a VPS hosting option.


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