WebHostingBuzz: Our Mission Statement

Our ethos

We at WebHostingBuzz, strive for excellence. We aim to deliver the best hosting services possible, combining cutting edge technology with outstanding customer service.

We at WebHostingBuzz, take our environmental and social responsibilities very seriously. We were one of the first web hosting companies to embrace eco-friendly measures. Our chosen charity is The Woodland Trust, a charity which works with local communities to establish sustainable forestry practices in developing countries. Our donations to The Woodland Trust ensure that twice the number of trees necessary to offset our carbon emissions, is planted each year.

We at WebHostingBuzz, place a great emphasis on teamwork. We value and nurture our staff, welcoming and embracing their many and diverse talents. We love what we do and are passionate about delivering the best possible web hosting services to our customers.

WebHostingBuzz is an equal opportunities employer.

Matthew Russell, CEO
Wayne Reavill, CIO

Mission Statement

Our mission is simple. To consistently deliver the highest quality hosting services to a worldwide audience while maintaining our honesty and integrity in how we do business. We seek to cultivate an environment where our business and our clients can achieve mutual success. We live, sleep and breathe hosting as individuals and as a team, we absolutely love what we do.

Plans to launch WebHostingBuzz are drawn up.
May, 2002
WebHostingBuzz launched
August, 2002
We order our first dedicated server
October, 2002
We now run 3 servers and have nearly 1000 clients
January, 2003
We now run 10 servers and have 6000 clients
January, 2004
We now run 16 servers and have 10,000+ clients
January, 2005
25 servers and 14,0000+ clients
January, 2006
75 servers, almost 20,000 clients
January 2008
We launch VPS hosting
December 2008
We expand to the UK and EU market
December 2009
250+ servers, 30,000+ clients, 45+ employees
January 2013

The timeline above shows a brief graphical overview of our company history